Amir Ash


I'm a Tehran based visual artist and a freelance creative art director with artistic educational background in digital arts and film making.
Here is the summary of my achievements during the past 7 years of my artistic career:
Conceptual and productive design for indie animations, movies and TV commercials;
Character design and illustration; decorative poster design; 2D animation creation;

As I embarked on my career journey I came to know three individuals who became my friends and eventually my colleges. Our path crossed for a reason and that was CODON interactive media, our company!
CODON was established in late 2010 and since then I have been the visual artist/art director, working on different projects, such as interactive set/stage design, interactive light sculptures, real-time visualization and video mapping.

CODON being my main focus, I started to create and direct a series of electronic music sessions from
glitché/IDM to ambient called PUSH which was conducted in different environments in harmony with
the genre of the musicians along with a smooth touch of minimalism and modern cinematography.
My agenda in PUSH is to promote the Iranian electronic musicians and help them thrive and expose them to the world until they get the recognition which they deserve.
Below you can find the links to CODON and PUSH channel on Vimeo.