amir gazit

בכול הארץ

My name is Amir Gazit, I am 50 years old and I live in Mitzpe Hila. I have a bachelor's degree in the History of the Land of Israel and General History, as well as an MBA and I am also a qualified tour guide.
As of 1993 I work in the field of tourism with a focus on educational internal and external tourism.
I have worked for 9 years in the Society for the Protection of Nature as marketing manager in the northern region. As part of that position I worked with schools from both the Jewish and Arab sectors. This included forming of seminary excursion plans in various topics and actual guiding on the ground, with an emphasis on innovation and initiative.
As of 1993 I have been working with various groups of youth from abroad, beginning with summer programs where I have designed the educational program and recruitment of staff, and then implementing the programs. In addition, in 1994-1996 I served as manager of the March of the Living for BBYO.
In addition to the above, since 1999 I work as manager of various missions to Eastern Europe of students from around the world, among them, delegations from USA and Poland. As part of this work I am involved in writing the educational contents and conducting follow-up of its implementation in the field.
During all the years I have been working with youth, I make a point of maintaining personal relations and giving personal example. As someone with a good sense of humour I often use this trait to further these objectives while keeping a smile on one hand and showing resolve on the other. I view education as central for the future of our children. I believe that education and being familiar with others and with different types of people are the basis for forming a society which relies on mutual trust, and I definitely believe that the place to start delivering these values is among the youth.
To this type of task I can bring my capabilities in the fields of education and management as well as my in-depth acquaintance with Israel and the use of personal ties in the various layers of society.

In the past 7 years I have been working as a freelancer business consultant, and also in this field I combine my professional knowledge and authority with fine humour and humanism. I view the position of school director primarily as a human challenge as well as a professional challenge.

  • Work
    • 1993-1999 BBYO
  • Education
    • BA לימודי א"י והיסטוריה כללית
    • MBA
    • מורה דרך מוסמך