Amir Nathan

Business and social entrepreneur, expert in the fields of employment and social businesses. Among other things, I established Strive Israel, a unique and highly successful program [led by the JDC] which sought to promote the career opportunities of thousands of Israelis that were out of the labor force or that were unemployed for many years. Prior to Strive, I was the co-founder of Edeologic – an internet marketing venture that was sold to Publicis. Over the past three years, I'm leading several of social business in Israel aimed to promote rights and life opportunities of people from minority groups such as elders and people with disability. For example, I established and manages 'Abiliko', the Israel social-networking website on disability. Other SE I involved in are: 'By the People', a Hi-tech social enterprise aimed to empowering professionals on their journey to establish their own independent business and 'Rainmakers', a new initiative to create new strategies for employment inclusion of excluded populations.

A great believer in human beings!