Amira Mohamed


my names amira mohamed saber haridy.I live in shoubra,cairo.I studied in the faculty of art ,department of mass media communication at ain shames univeristy .I completed an ICDL program and photoshop program at ain shames university.I plan to get master degree.I worked as teacher at center from 2007 to now.I also worked as journalist in magazine for short time .I’m energetic ,punctual and hard working. I’m also ambitious ,optimistic and positive. I like being neat. I’m fluent in arabic and very good in english.I plan to take course of german language. I like writing ,reading, watching tv, cleaning my house and hanging out with family or friends. I achieve the first dream when enter in radio major.I broke my fear and bagan to face my life. I wish to travel over the world and this journey is with my new family and my children. I love my smile as it give me other life I love my friends and my family I learned this words to how deal with people. تعلم الاختلاط بجميع أنواع البشر, وواظب على الاحتكاك المستمر بهم, إلى أن تتمهد الأجزاء الغير متساويه من عقلك, وهذا ما لا تستطيع أن تفعله إذا كنت في عزلتك. لـ دايل كارنيجي أدهشتني ثلاث مسميات في سور القرآن (الحديد، الشورى، القلم..) هي بوجه آخر:القوة، الحرية، المعرفة.. مقومات حضارية لأمتنا) لـ عماد الدين خليل

  • Work
    • Teacher
  • Education
    • facualty of arts, department of mass media communication ,section tv
    • naser secondry school
    • Mass communication department , Faculty of Arts , Ain Shams University
    • faculty of arts ain shams university