amira food

amira food

Lite 'n' right for today's fast-paced lifestyles

A 100% whole grain that reduces the risk of heart diseasesFull of fibre that protect against a variety of cancersFibre that l also adds vitality to your body's immune systemthe low-Gl carb food,toward off type-|| diabetesEssential nutrition for healthy digestionHealthy metabolism for right-sized helpingsA great aid in weight maintenance

Wish for a secret recipe that keeps you fit?

Looking to balance the stress and demands of

your lifestyle eith some nutritional


The wait is over.introducing Amira Good

Health Brown Basmati Rice,the 100%

Wholegrain food full of health benefits-with

The distnict flavor of Basmati within.

Amira Good Health Brown Basmati rice is

Nutritious and versatile. When cooked,each

Cup comes packed with goodness in the form


v 15 vitamins and minerals

v 4grams of fibre

v Beneficial phytonutrients,antioxidants

and other protective substances

Clinical studies indicates that those consuming whole

Grain dietary fibres are 49% less likely to gain weight.

Just one cup of Amira Brown Basmati provides up to 885

Of the daily requirement for manganese; and the gain is

Rich in nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Make

The healthy choice and stay fit with Amira Good Health Basmati. What's more,it's a great aid in weight maintenance.

Nutritional properties of brown rice

Brown rice contain three and a half times more fibre than processed rice does.

That's a high nutritional content,and the recommended way to manage your weight.

What makes brown rice

So full of health

Unlike white rice,which is refines and

Polished,brown rice is a 100% whole grain

That's full of the goodness of nature.Brown

Rice retains the outer kernel including the

nutritious bran coating.which is why it's so

rich in fibre and soaked in vitamins,protein,

starch and minerals.

Rice bran also contain antioxidants inplenty. Which prevent cellular

damage and enhance our body's immune sytem.this lower the risk

of a number of health problems including heart disease,diabetes and cancers.

and did you know,it's the bran that imparts a soft tan colour,nut-like

flavor and hearty texture to brown rice.

Whole grain... and a whole l