Amira A H Nazer

Previously employed by Regis Aged Care & Healthscope - Brisbane Private Hospital as Staff Nurse. Have 6 years working experience as a nurse.

Not only do I love my current job - saving people's lives and be able to have some form of contribution towards the community, but I've got passion for cooking. I also enjoy various cooking methods & love to read food blog & taste new food. Apart from cooking, I enjoy swimming & walking.

I'm a person who ♥ her family to bits as well as attribute to the following statement;

I'm a ♥ ing daughter to the most wonderful mother that has been nurturing me since birth, a ♥ ing wife to a man whom i met since 2004 & whom is eternal to me till death to us part, a ♥ ing mother to a little boy that has been brought into my life since 2007 & a BFF to some people across the globe that has entered into my life since childhood..