Amira Annisa

drawing in Selangor, Malaysia

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Asalamualaikum. Bonjour everyone!! How are you? Thanks for visit my account!

So I'm gonna introduce myself little bit :)

I am Amira Annisa Binti Tajol Auros. Just called me Nisa. I'm from Semenyih, Selangor. Before continue my degree in UPM, I was in Selangor Matriculation College. Bachelor Sains (Kepujian) Major Biology is my course for 4 years :))

All of my friends really like me because they said I am a good listener. They like to share their problems or anything with me. As they do that, i just hear what they said without complaining. At the end, i will give them some advice or solve the problem together if i could. ((so maybe they put 100% trust on me))

I am a little bit shy((when i meet new firends)) and so talented in drawing ((but not really)) I love arts cause thats the only way that can express my feelings. Thanks to Allah to give this precious gift to me :))

For my view, whatever we do or whenever we go, always remember our God(Allah swt) always with us. He is number one and put him as our first priority. Secondly, parents and family. We always bring our family's name!!

I am so glad to have my family and all of my friends who always by my side through ups and downs. I know they can always help me to become a best person in this world. Insyallah.

"Do whatever you like, je ne regrette rein cause C'est la vie"