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amira foodsinindia

Healthy Basmati for a healthy lifestyle

Amira Good Health Brown Basmati is the perfect choice for those

Seeking nutrition without compromising on great taste. with the bran

Layers left intact,it retains vital nutrients and has great flavor too. You're sure to

appreciate Amira Good Health Brown Basmati as it is;

v Naturally low in fat and is gluten-free

v Has an exquisite fragrance

v A higher fibre content and is more nutritiousthan milled rice

Amira Good Health Brown Basmati Rice is a hearty accomoaniment to a range of

Healthy dishes. Toss in some fresh seasonal vegetables and uou'll have an appetizing

Dish ready in minutes. Amira Good Health Brown Basmati makes a great salad Rice dish

as well. Experiment with whatever ingredients take your fancy.try brown rice with a

Mushroom and Lentil Salad.if you're looking for some non-veg nourishment,an

exciting option is Chicken combines chicken ham and tomatoes with

brown rice ,and the kids will love you for it.

In the mood for something authentic? May we suggest a serving

Of Haleem, a traditional south Indian dish. You'll need some

Mutton, curried leaves, onions and garlic all cooked together with

Amira good Health Brown Basmati over a slow fire.

Amira Good Health Brown Basmati Rice can

Be also used in a variety of main or side

Dishes.thay flavor will delight everyone,

While reraining the many nutritional

Benefits of brown rice.

Storage and preservation

v The presence of the bran mans that brown rice is prone to perish faster as

Compared to white rice.

v You can however extend the lifetime of

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