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Amirah Afandi

Student in Malaysia

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Hey, I’m Amirah. I’m a student living in Malaysia. I am a fan of photography, food, and shopping. I’m also interested in fashion and music. You can view my portfolio with a click on the button above.

I am a very simple person. I don't have any specific talent or something interesting about me. Appreciation for myself is when I got to help people in need, when I can make others happy.

Both education and life are matters for me. You cannot survive in life if you don't have an education. What I meant about education is not just about educate yourself by going to school or university. It's about knowledge what matters the most no matter where and how you get it. It's also called educate yourself.

To become a better student or person, the people around you play a very important role. It's where the support comes from.