Amirah Yahya

Ipoh, Perak

Assalammualaikum. Bismillah. Allah ada berfirman kepada Nabi Isa a.s dalam kitab para nabi terdahulu : 'Wahai Isa a.s, Aku selalu meneliti hati para hambaKu, jika Kudapati hambaKu yang hatinya bersih daripada kecintaan dunia & akhirat, Kuisi hatinya dengan cintaKu'

Dalam kitab lain, Allah Azza Wa Jalla telah berfirman : 'Wahai segenap hambaKu, hakKu ke atas kalian adalah mencintai kalian, maka tumbuh kembangkan rasa cinta dalam diri kalian kepadaKu' (Hadis riwayat Imam al-Asy'ariy)

Bismillah & hadiths, as a start.

This page is obviously about me but not too much, please. I'm Amirah Yahya. I was born on the 31st of August in 1994. Who am I? Generally speaking, I am just a disgrace servant of Allah. People have made mistakes, and so have I. I'm not gonna tell you that much about my immigration towards the right path of Allah because its way too personal. So, leave it to that.

For the past few years and up until now, there's too much going on, on me, but its okay, I acknowledge that as a trial. But alhamdulillah, along the way, there's so much LOVE that I've been blessed with. Allah. My family, that have always been there for me. My true friends, who stay by my side. My spouse, who completes the jig-saw-puzzle of my life.

I believe that life is beautiful no matter how hard it is as long as I am grateful to it. So love your life, dont compare it to others, Allah designed it just for you. Its limited edition, its special, only you who has it. But, no matter how high as I can reach and how far as I can go, I wouldnt let myself to be forgotten that, as a muslim, put aside the dunya, no matter how hectic our life is, on each & everyday we need to reflect upon ourselves on how we are, so that we'd be humble enough to realise on who are we & where to turn to. Turn to Allah.

Thus, apart from all of this, knowing Allah & learning the nature of my religion, Islam, it changes me. From someone who was lacking as a Muslim to someone who learnt to be a better Muslim. I'm still learning for the past 4 years ago and if I could, I would like to learn more & expose to others about the magical life of my religion Islam and all of its contents as far as I have known. Insya Allah.

P/S : Allah Is With You Whenever You Think Of Him. When You Remember Him, He Remembers You. Never Give Up Upon His Rahmat. Ask Upon Him At All Times. He Loves You & Misses You To Be Back On Right Track!

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