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Amira Yusoff

Student, Small Business Owner, and Therapist in Selangor, Malaysia

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I am a student, small business owner, and therapist currently living in Selangor, Malaysia. My interests range from music to design. I am also interested in travel, DIY, and arts.

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Firstly, I would like to share with you about the appreciation that I have received from my beloved family.

I love to sewing when I'm have a free time at home. I'm always sewing blouse for my mom and my sisters although I'm still new in sewing hobby. I'm feel very happy and excited when my mother and my sisters praise my own design in sewing.

Thank you mom and sis!

Next, I want share about the important things in my life. My family, of course! they always have besides me when I'm happy and sad.

My perception about education and life is both are very meaningful. I'm confident that I must good and excellent in education so that I can be a good person to myself, my family, my country and my religious.

I hope my family, my friends, my teachers and people around me always show me a good lessons and great attitude so that I can follow them as well.

That's all from me for this time.

Thank you. Byeee.