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Hello friends! The vast majority of my "virtual" family know me as Micky Diaz on all the social media outlets, but my real name is Amircar Diaz. Amircar is Hebrew for "General" stemming off from a portion of Scripture somewhere in 1 Kings. The original Hebrew spelling for my name is actually Hamilcar. The name is particularly famous because of the famous General of Carthage, Hamilcar Barca. When given the opportunity to meet any of you in person, I would prefer to be named Micky given the relative ease of pronouncing the name.

I have an incredible heart for missions work and have had the privilege of traveling to Colombia on a short-term missions trip for about a week. In spite of all the bad media publicity that has been given about this wonderful country, I could not refuse the opportunity to do God's work as we have had the opportunity to visit numerous schools, special needs centers, and churches across three cities in the central part of Colombia.

God has called me to "revolutionize" churches as an evangelist to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever He chooses to send me. At this moment, I have made the decision to simply walk by faith and not by sight. My hope and prayer is that God will bring as many people as possible to my site in an earnest effort to be able to connect and bond with ministers and various christian leaders of different spheres of influence that will continue to bring value into my life in the form of christian leadership, inspiration, a prophetic word, and words of encouragement. I am totally excited about this undertaking and look forward to what God has in store for me through my site and various other forms of social media. I hope and pray that this site has been a blessing to you and I STRONGLY encourage you to click on that star to be one of your favorites, leave a compliment, and email me as the Lord leads you to do so. One last thing, I'm also a loyal fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and am avid fan of the history of baseball in general. May God bless you richly and abundantly ALWAYS my friends! Jesus loves you and so do I!!!!


I'm currently studying Theology at Christian Leaders Institute and anticipate a second trip to Colombia as God enables me. Keep me in your prayers my friends! :-)

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