Amir Desai

A skilled and solutions-oriented technology executive, Amir Desai possesses more than a decade of experience in information technology and health care administration, focusing on large technology organizations. Mr. Desai currently offers his services as Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President at Affiliated Computer Solutions Inc. (ACS), a subsidiary firm of Xerox Corporation.

Prior to joining ACS, Mr. Desai accepted a position with Molina Healthcare, Inc., as Chief Information Officer. Desai remained with the company for four years, improving the efficiency of the IT section while reducing costs as a percentage of expenditures. Since leaving the company in 2010, Amir Desai has overseen the ACS technology organization serving the company’s Medicaid business unit.

Before beginning his career, Mr. Desai earned a Bachelor’s degree and completed coursework in health care administration. He has also held other senior roles at companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Inc., and MedUnite, Inc.