Amir Frank

Things that give me that euphoric high we all strive to experience: Ronit’s (my wife) smile, Noa’s (my daughter) laugh, most family events, hanging out with friends, Frisbee in the park, pizza, movies, having captured a great photograph, helping others, relaxing in a pool, traveling, getting through a list of things to do in one day, getting to the top of any hill/mountain, gadgets, learning, eating, experiencing a good thing for the first time (can be anything), giving, new technology, useful technology, driving/riding anything with an engine – I am a guy after all

You may have noticed from the list above that I like helping others. It’s true. I get a crazy amount of satisfaction knowing I've helped someone. Some philosophers, including myself (interest), would argue we all make decisions based upon selfish reasoning. Perfect, that would make any relationship I have with those I help a win-win. In fact, if you need help with anything that relates to imaging (hobby), feel free to contact me even if I don’t know you. We’ll both get something out of it.