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Amir Haddad

My name is Amir Haddad. I was born in France, and when I was 8, my parents decided to leave for Herzliya (Israel). I grew up and lived there until recently. Since I was young, I have had two important passions: medicine and music; two fields for which I've invested all of my efforts. In 2005, at the end of a three year military service in the section of intelligence (Modi’in), I left Israel for Paris where I intended to carry out my first dream - studying. But to be far from the earth of my ancestors and its sun was too hard to bear, and I decided to return to Israel. Back home, I decided to try my chance with my second dream. I subscribed to the television broadcast auditions of "Kohav Nolad" (American Idol, the Israeli version), then passing the levels progressively, I managed to reach the final stage. This participation boosted my dream to become reality. Now, I live in Jerusalem, I make dental studies at the Hebrew University, and in parallel I finished recording my 1st. album in the French-Israeli recording studios & label - KoL Record, with which I signed a production contract. Since then I also performed many times in different places over the country & Europe, with my band directed by Omri Dagan, I released 2 radio singles (the third one's on its way) and I've had the chance to perform with a few of my youth idols and I hope it's only the beginning... Thank you my dear public for supporting and growing more and more! It seems to me that I succeeded in living my two passions at the same time and in the best way. Now it’s time to find a third one... :) AH