Amir James

Atlanta, Georgia

As an active participant in Hip Hop, Amir James has learned the many ways of how this music moves and influences its listeners. His knowledge has also been formed working for ground breaking Hip Hop companies like Rocafella Records, Ruff Ryders Dirty Denim, and D & D Studios

He has a very creative and competitive nature that was futher cultivated by the culture of Hip Hop, the only music as he states, where 2 artists will do a song together and then review each other's verses to see who bested the other. In his words "In rock if there is a collaboration the two rock artists would not look at the song as if it were a basketball game, but in Hip Hop that's what it is".

Amir James also recognized the opportunity in music to teach and send messages, being from a family of teachers, he also saw this music as a means and pipeline to the youth that could be used to educate.

All of this including the fact that he is an Emcee that competed in lower Manhattan and in Jersey City in the early 90's, a DJ, and producer, lead him to form M.C. W.A.R. or MC WAR with his business partner in 2002.

MC WAR combines the competitive nature of the culture and its ability to send messages to its audience through Battle Rap. MC WAR "The Official Sport of Rap Battling" was formed to extract the activity of Battle Rap, and Rap compeition into an official sport. Since our inception in 2003 Battle Rap has grown exponentially with over 1.5 Billion Views on YouTube directly related to this content.

Since its inception, Amir James, through MC WAR has activated sponsorships, managed accounts, and executed events for companies like NIKE, UMCA, Boost Mobile, Cornerstone, Converse, TBS, MetroPCS, AKG Microphones, Vlado Footwear, Comcast, and SAE Institute.

  • Work
    • MC WAR
  • Education
    • James J. Ferris High School
    • William Paterson University
    • Borough of Manhattan Community College