amir landsman

Upper Nyack, NY

Denya Diamonds East Cost Sales Manager
• East Cost Sales manager New York, NY US
• January 1998 - January 2002

• Represented Denya Diamonds sales in the east-cost - Managed all customer affairs - Expanded market reach via marketing and personal contact - Managed stock and forecast In charge of account receivables

Tnuva LTD Reginal Sales Manager
• Hadera, IL
• January 1992 - January 1998
• Sales manager to south region poultry farms
• Maintain customer relationship with farm owners and live stock managers - Managed live stock production forecast - Managed cost and regional expenditure.
• East Cost Sales Manager
• New York, NY US

• Managed diamonds sales in the east-cost - Managed all customer affairs - Managed shipments and delivaries - Managed stock and forecast - In charge of account receivables

IDF Navy

• Atlit IL
• A unit member at the IDF Navy seals
• Classified

Haifa Open University
Macro Economics

Hobbies and Interests
attending NBA games (Brooklyn Nets)
Playing Tennis and Paddle Ball at the Nyack Field Club
Love Bluegrass music
Food and Travel
I cook Jewish and French food and I'm eating every food under the sun other than Pizza. I'm especially fond of Indian and Korean food.

Amir Landsman spends his free time traveling and hanging out with his two small children in Upper Nyack, and can frequently be found on the tennis courts around town.

Professional Topics

Human Resource management - working with individuals and understanding the human psyche. I feel this is the area where I have the most to give and the most to learn.

It is a shame in this country that the banks take so many fees, gamble with money and then refuse to give any to small and medium sized businesses. If you are Target or Facebook, you have a credit line from here to the moon. But if you are a small chain of grocery stores, restaurants or manufacturing, the banks will never give you money. If they do, you will have to give over a personal guarantee or collateral. In merchant cash advance, those things are not necessary. Also, the clients pay money back based on their earnings on any given day. This

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