Amir Liberman

"I believe most people are decent, and I know sometimes people lie to survive. I know that few will cheat because they choose so, to live off the backs of others. I do not accept anyone should tolerate this fraud, and I don't agree with societies and financial firms that make you and I pay for the wrong doing of others. I choose fairness and justice above all." (Amir Liberman, 2007)



Amir Liberman was born in 1972, Jerusalem Israel.

He studied computer programming since the age of 8, writing code professionally since the age of 11. At the age of 16 formed a marketingadvertising agency and studied marketing in the open university.
Amir wrote an innovative smart house alarm system for secured buildings, and access control solution for military use by the age of 23.
At the age of 24, started to develop the LVA voice analysis technology for security, commercial and some entertainment use. At 26, formed Nemesysco Ltd with a 10,000 USD investment.

Amir was the first to identify the 3 basic sensations in the human voice, and was able to define the vocal parameters identifying "Stress" (Negative expectation), "Excitement" (Positive expectations) and "Uncertainty" (Cognitive stress).
Today, Liberman is considered today the leading researcher in the field of emotion detection through speech analysis, with 2 patents registered on his name, serving through Nemesysco some of the world's largest financial organizations, governments and security organizations.

Amir Liberman appeared frequently on TV and news items about his Voice Analysis invention, the LVA, and was featured in several cover page stories, including Time Magazine & Speech analysis technology, and a research examining the LVA technology by Duke university (Jessen L. Hobson, William J. Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam) was the leading research published in The Journal of Finance, February 2012.