Amir Meitar

Amir Meitar’s family were well-known industrialists in Austria before the outbreak of the Second World War. The impending war on the negative side, coupled with the family’s Zionist orientation on the positive side, led to their immigration to Palestine just before the start of the war. Over the years the family has become firmly established in the Israeli economy, involved in the early days in construction, industry and banking and more recently also in the local hi-tech industry. After their immigration Amir Meitar's family set up home in Tel Aviv, where they also acquired property and start to integrate in the economy of Israel. This trend of involvement continued over the subsequent years, with members of the Meitar family being among the founding members, as well as holding strategic positions, in the Israel Maritime Company and other companies in the textile and banking industries. Much of the property acquired by the Meitar family in the early days was not approved for construction. However, over the years this situation has changed and with its release and approval for construction, it has become significant for the planning and construction of new areas in Tel Aviv, for both residential and commercial use. Amir Meitar is active today from his position in the investment company run by the family. He is also an angel investor in his own right, ready and equipped to invest in various companies. At its outset the bulk of the investments by the investment company owned and run by the Meitar family were in banking, construction and industry. This trend changed somewhat at the turn of the century with a move to investment in the budding Israeli hi-tech industry. Three of the companies in which the Meitar family invested were sold to large American companies, delivering good return for the investors, and positioning the Meitars as leaders in the field. Amir Meitar is an influential member of the family, focusing on the investment in and fostering of promising Israeli start-ups, in which, concurrent with his personal angel investments, Amir Meitar examines and executes the investments. The start-ups fostered by the Meitar family group include those involved in, but not limited to, internet data mining and security and medical start-ups. Amir Meitar’s success can be seen in his activities relating to business co-opera