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AmirrezA Kalantary Kia

Student, Writer, and Doctor in Kerman, Iran

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How a verse exciteth afresh the heart that is sorrowful!

A subtlety out of this book, we uttered; and is this very subtlety.

O beloved! if, from thy ruby I gain a ring of protection,

Beneath the order of my seal-ring, will be a hundred countries of Soleiman.

O heart! on account of the calumny of the envious, it is not proper to be sorrowful:

When thou lookest well it is possible that, in this, is thy good.

Who understandeth not this reed, image raising

Let his form, move not, if he himself be the painter of China.

The cup of wine and the blood of the heart each, they gave to each one:

In the action of destiny’s circle, thus it is.

In the matter of rose-water and of the rose, the decree of eternity without beginning

was this:

“That should be the lovely one of the bazar; and that this should be the sitter behind the


It is not that from Hafez’s heart profligacy should pepart:

For, till the last of time will be that custom of first of time

HAFIZ - persian poet

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