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Amir Siddiqui

Amir Siddiqui

I am a self-taught autodidact and I like to think that I’m a science inspired fitness philosopher. I am fascinated with the human body, human performance and physique enhancement. I am an entrepreneur and business owner with two personal training gyms. I risked my own money and my time to create both. I make my own rules and work under no numbers-game pressure.

For me, profit is the side effect of materializing a dream, of creating a physical conduit for the expression of my passion. I’ve been working with clients who want to look and feel GREAT about themselves for over 10 years. And, in these 10 years I’ve picked up on patterns that repeat themselves in each new person, in each new medium, in a slightly unique way, forming a unique impression, creating their own unique signature.

I was born in New York. I live in Dubai. Check out my gyms online or, better yet, on Facebook: Symmetry and Metafitnosis since this where all the controversy and eye-opening debate on health and fitness happens.