Amir Zad Gul

Islamabad, Pakistan

Amirzad Gul, a human rights and social change agent of district Dir, KP, Pakistan, founded Rural Development Organization in 1999 with the sole purpose to help the needy and unprivileged. He conceived the idea to establish the organization while he was a student in the college. He noticed that the influential upper class student snatch all what rightfully belongs to the poor. The class difference and social exploitation of the unprivileged was the basic motivating factor that incited him to fight for the rights of the poor. Initially he initiated a forum, involving likewise philanthropists that served as a helping desk for the needy. At the initial stage, under his supervision RDO undertook initiatives such as distribution of free books and uniforms among poor students, mobilizing conservative communities to use their vote, registration of women voters despite of strong resistance from religious hardliners, establishing resource centre for people with disability and paving ways for their social acceptance among communities, street pavement in the far flung and hard to reach areas and installation of hand pumps etc.

Despite of severe threats from the religious extremists, right from the beginning, he has without any fears bravely led RDO. Realizing the actual need of the area, he concentrated on development of durable and sustainable human institution. Although, he belongs to a low middle class family, but has never surrender to the oppression of the influential upper class. He has staunch belief in bringing change through continuous struggle with positive approach. His ambition and motto of life is to promote humanity throughout the world. He has devoted himself to fight against hunger, poverty, injustice and promotion of education. He believes positive change can be brought through participation, education, awareness and strong commitment.

  • Work
    • Human rights activist
  • Education
    • Master in Arts