Amish Kagalwala

San Francisco Bay Area

To begin with, I'm passionate - I'm passionate about life, work, sports, family, friends; I like to breathe every moment in. I sincerely believe that there are truckloads of experiences to be learnt every minute and my life, hence, has been one big pursuit - a pursuit of my goals, a pursuit of success, a pursuit of happiness. I'm practical and goal-oriented yet I get a kick out of the impulsive side of my nature! I believe in destiny and that everyone has a purpose in life and every minute that I spend not realizing this purpose is a waste of time.

I believe in making my life a story worth telling and so living a life is more important than life itself. That is my mantra, my code, my motto!

.:[Liverpool FC fanatic][49er faithful][Coldplay fan][Beer aficionado][wannabe marathon runner]:.

  • Work
    • Electronic Arts
  • Education
    • Masters in Computer Science from USC