Amish Andy

Coatesville, PA

Amish Andy is a nickname given to Andrew "Andy" Geesey by many of the Amish that personally know him. In 1999 Andy was a milk-truck driver working for the former John S. Ewell, in East Earl, PA. Until 2007, Andy's milk truck took him in and out of Amish farms throughout Lancaster & Chester counties on a daily basis, when he was injured through an on the Job accident. During those years Andy built many ongoing relationships within the plain community.

Today Andy remains connected to the people and culture while he works at his full time job as a asphalt dump truck driver for Beiler Paving, and ministers through Disaster Relief Service, he also gives back to the people through the Discreet Recovery System of DRS. Andy has traveled across the country teaching about the people, culture and beliefs of the Amish, and remains available to assist your class or group through seminar and class room style presentations.

About Andy:

Andy says, "I enjoy, studying about the history, culture, and overall religion of the Amish people, but more than that I enjoy spending time with people, and am highly intrigued by the rich, healthy and clean culture" "I love the study of genealogy, and by combining this with my Amish history research, I enjoy bringing new information to the public"