Amish Family Christmas

Amish Christmas customs are simple, oriented to the family and the religious meaning of the holiday. They exchange gifts but no Christmas trees are decorated.

Amos, Sadie and the family are very excited this Christmas season. Rachel, the daughter, is expecting her first child near Christmas and they have just found out that they have English relatives (someone who is not Amish) coming for a visit at Christmas. What heartache have they been hiding when memories return for Sadie and Amos, about when their 18 year old son ran away from home and they recall what happened to him years ago.

One of the highlights of the Christmas season, for children and parents, is the Christmas program held in many of the one-room schools. This is one of the few times you will ever see Amish children on a "stage" or "performing for an audience." This is a special time in the show when the audience members will have a chance to participate as an Amish child in the Christmas program.

Amish Family Christmas, will reinforce the "true" meaning of Christmas for all. You will laugh until you cry and perhaps even shed a tear with Sadie as she reminisces about her lost son.

You will feel like you have been standing outside an Amish home, peering into the window, listening and watching what is taking place in our Amish home at Christmas.

This show includes many holiday songs. Story is based on facts about the Lancaster County Amish. All ages will enjoy this special show.

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