Amish Munn

Writer, Musician, sometimes Artist.

I've thought long and hard over this page. About Me. What About Me? I'm up against a brick wall here; I know who I am and what I am, the difficulty is translating to others those ideas. It's kind of like freezing up during an interview, where you're asked about yourself. One may twiddle his or her thumbs, mumbling something or the other after a few tense moments. Eventually something will come out, something that may be agreeable or not to one or both sets of ears, or in this case, eyes. Certainly you've clicked this link, wanting to know more about me. Something comes out in the writing of these lines; one of us may understand, the other may not. A few keywords may stand out here and there; 'I know those words!,' you say to yourself, excited that I too know them, 'It's like Amish is reading my mind!' My friends, rest assured I am not reading your minds. You are merely catching up. Maybe with a friend. Maybe with a thoughtwave.

We're all in this together. A quest. To KNOW ABOUT things. What is it that lead you to this page or any of the countless pages you've visited? Is it to fill some void in your own knowledge? Some long distant dream of either past or future imminently fulfilled? PAST KNOWLEDGE is PASSED into the FUTURE, NOW KNOWLEDGE.

We're all in this together. We're riding the thoughtwaves at near lightspeed. I'm writing this at a slowish pace; the thoughtwaves connect with my brainwaves; my brainwaves connect with my finger wags. PECKPECKPECKPECK, letters and words fall into precise order as they were meant. As YOU were meant to read them.

Who am I? What am I? A lot of my stuff is out there, freely and publicly available. Writing, music, thoughts. KNOW. Check the links...