Amit Dwivedi

I am a professional programmer currently working as Sr. Java Developer in India and I love learning new things. Complex problem solving and Algorithms Development are my areas of interest and I love exploring new ways of implementing things. As a programmer I endorse no-nonsense way of programming (no-wastage or memory etc.) and try to code straight to the point.

Technical Skills :- Java (Core and Advaced), C, C++, Android Development, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML,JSP, PL/SQL, Hibernate etc.

Areas of Interest

1. Any kind of programming, **R & D** which pays enough money

2. Java based Application Development i.e. Core Java, J2EE, J2ME, JNI, Web Development

3. Mobile Application Development (**Android**, Blackberry, Windows etc) 4. C, C++ Development

5. Algorithm optimization, fine tuning, research & development.

"Be a good person, but never try to prove it."- Amit