Amit kumar



i am an 22 year old computer engineering student amit kumar .Like others as usual i enjoy life mostly apart from that i hmm having huge crush on computers, coding languages i still remembers when i was in the 1st year one night i dreamed i m having 50 websites running …hahahah i am not kidding at all .i have a strong urge to complete my dream but i obviously want to be the boss of successful websites where i can serve my knowledge to the people.

now a days who doesn’t own a system oh sorry we use to call a computer “system” icon smile About whenever someone gets trouble with computers he first search in internet . we the website owners of that kind are very successful if someone gets help . i will be trying my best service to my reader .

I will be writing on the basis of having simple to bigger problem what should be a daily deal to the people .we cannot except the knowledge from everyone . Apart from that i will be discussing about the latest computer/laptop/tablets ,high configuration processors ,model specification ,brand review user reviews . i hope i will successful what i am going to undertake at your service my readers .



  • Work
    • web developer,software engineer
  • Education
    • bachelor of technology