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Amit Tiwari

Web Developer, Consultant, and Software Engineer in Nagpur, India

Hi I am Amit Tiwari, web and mobile solutions developer.

During the day I work as a CTO for my own startup and during the night I like to break sweat at any interesting project I can get.

I develop cross platform mobile and web integrated apps and solutions. I work full time for the startup I founded a couple of years ago. In my part time I provide technical consultation to a number of companies and develop custom solutions for their variety of business problems.

I am a dreamer, a stargazer, an idea catalyst, Potterhead, mind palaces creator, gadget freak and a chocolate milk shake lover.

Stay Cool!

  • Work
    • Bhea Knowledge Technologies, Bangalore, India
  • Education
    • RGCER India, Nagpur
    • BVM India, Nagpur
    • IRA International School India, Nagpur
    • School Of Scholars India, Nagpur