Amitt Mishra

A Life :


Here I share experiences, insights, and strategies related to my journey in life and profession. Sometimes it is hard to introduce yourself. I hope that my impression about myself and your impression about me are not so different. Here it goes ---

After completed school academic from K.V New Delhi and Gwalior, I Studied at MLB (Victoria) College Gwalior India. I began my professional career with a desire: To be able to develop my creativity, passion without limits.

Career :

My entire background has been centered around most of aspects and skills include building and managing business development teams, growing alliances, defining and executing business growth strategies for both start-ups and leading organisations acquired and honed over the last 16 years across different verticals. I served in Han's Laser Technology. Jekson USA Inc. Reckers India.

At this juncture I want to challenge myself by putting into use what life has taught me and use that learning to gain economic advantage. I am at a stage where I believe I have learnt a lot from my failures nevertheless keep learning from all small tiny things and successes from my investing approach, both in terms of theory and general attitude.

Insights :

I am a reasonably fast learner and dare to take on responsibilities as well as initiate activities. I love working in a team, though I have the habit to force other team mates to take on responsibilities and share in the decision making process and build on ideas which are usually out of the box for the Indian way of approaching processes.

When getting into any new sector or field it is my habit to listen to all the views available on the topic, get practical inputs, come to my own conclusions and then get into action mode.

I often think it is too easy to just let things slide and forget that 'everyday you spend in a job is an investment in yourself'. If you get to the point where this investment doesn't seem to be making sense then it is time to reevaluate. It is an interesting way to look at your life and career.

Sense of your Value: Leadership in Business is about character. Being a leader, rising to the top 3% in your profession, is anchored on your principles, ethics and values. Your purpose ... what you do for other people ... evolves.