Amit Shah

Goregaon(W), Mumbai

Been with computers since 1993 (when i left my schooling) ... Played around with various versions of machinge generations from 286 and onwards till i7 3rd Gen.

Have been in and out with technologies including VB, Java, PHP, DotNet - all over wherever and whenever required. Now more settled in with PHP .. especially Codeigniter and - am in love with Grocerycrud ... Muaaah

From facebook apps to mobile backend service api apps, web apps, custom cms'es, have been all over - trend in / dwell in as and when required.

Goal is to provide in solutions - and good enough.

My Intrests? - Science Spiritualism, Brain Development - Have been a healer, a teacher - feels good but then i realized - i was better an instrument to GOD then being the device to others.

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