Amit Utkarsh

faridabad, haryana

Describing yourself is the toughest thing to do not because you want to leave an impact but because you start finding your image in others eyes; people believe you are what others think of you. But hold on that's where i am distinct i believe i am what i am inside without the fudge of show off without any sugercoat.I am a guy having lots of hobbies-

1. music - its a drug .trust me a day without it is suicide and it really has helped in my worst of times. fav. artists are- linkin park, eminem, rahat fateh ali khan, kk, mohit chauhan, 3 doors down, breaking benjamin, shankar mahadevan ,shreya ghosal and others. anybody growing up in india wants to be a filmstar or a cricketer my case was the latter one. have played a lot of cricket while teenager ,these days just constricted to watching.

3.blogging- i have picked blogging to express my ideas recently and i hope i am doing good. connect with me click here.

4.languages- i am very much interested in learning many languages from all around the world. i have basic vocabulary build up in italian and spanish and would try to have an expertise over it.

5.reading and writing- bookoholic and scribes a lot.

6. IAS- lastly i want to be an IAS officer.

  • Work
    • blogging, student, writing.
  • Education
    • btech. 2nd year