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Amitabha Roy

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I'm a social entrepreneur working to make a difference by sharing ideas on e-commerce entrepreneurial venture which creates business network among people from various age groups and professions having a similar zeal, attitude and passion towards creating values that matters for people. Today the world has become a small social networking village and I believe we all as social animals have an instinctive capacity to connect and network with each other without any geographical or time limit. The booming e-commerce industry and it's global acceptance helps taking our idea to the next level of business profession by creating independent micro-enterprise (big business enterprise for common people) where the operations and processes are simple yet most effective for everyone. Here all the micro-enterprise in return share equal benefits by working on the strong concept of 'resource leveraging' which delivers success for all because "Profits make fortune".

My own Social Entrepreneurship promotion website known to people as helps sharing the entrepreneurial ideas, mindset building tools, motivational learning materials and updates on current growth markets.

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