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Amita Engineerings

Amita Engineerings, was founded as a prime manufacturer and supplier of Rebar Coupler and Cutting Machine in the wake of the year 2010. Since our inception, we have been successfully manufacturing our exceptional ranges of products which include Rebar Coupler, Threaded Rebar Coupler and Taper Rebar Coupler amongst a wide selection of products. Each product under our organizational banner is constructed to manifest strength and stability. Made from high-end carbon steel, our products are resistant to shock and pressure, making them ideal for aiding in the construction of strong structures. Each product of ours is forwarded to our client only after thorough inspection of quality. We maintain a communicative approach with our clients to ensure that all their needs catered for. Our dedicated efforts in client satisfaction have earned us an array of reputed clients who benefit from our association of mutual growth and trust.

Our organizational premise is equipped with infrastructural advantages of unmatched proportions. Each Department within our organization functions in coordination with each other to facilitate easier flow of work. Our dedicated employees work within these departments under an organized chain of command led by a team head. Further, our procurement division selects the highest quality of raw materials to use in the process of production from the most reputed vendors. In the manufacturing division, these raw materials are used in quantifiable proportions to ensure the incomparable manufacture of our products. Our spacious warehousing division segregates and stores these finished products for our clients to avail within short notice periods.

Product Range:

Rebar Coupler

Threaded Rebar Coupler

Taper Rebar Coupler

Rebar Threading Machines

Rebar Thread Rolling Machine

Taper Thread Rolling Machine

Core Bit

Core Cutting Machine

Our Team:

We work alongside a team of experienced individuals who use their wide industrial knowledge base to render our products to perfection. Each employee within our organization is skilled in his field of work and works in close coordination with others. We proudly associate ourselves with professionals from various walks of the industry including engineers, managing professionals and factory operators. We conduct regular seminars and workshops to ensure continued excellence in work on the part of our in-house team.

Why Us?:

Our re