Amitava Chakrabarti

Amitava Chakrabarti

Who am I is something i know not

Trying to answer though, trying a lot

I live by me and die in my arms

I smell the sea and swear by its charms

The sand beneath my feet stays right there

The sky holds me tight, with love and care

Who am I... as I ask myself

I am a volcano burning within itself

I am the river flowing through ages

I am the tree, listening to the sages

I am the smile in the face of the child

I am the horse, running in the wild

But who am I, I know not as yet

I am the sun, not willing to set

I am the tears in the eyes of seperation

And the joy in the Lord's new born creation

I am the bee on the lonesome flower

And I am the hurry in the ending hour

But I will learn soon, about who am I

I will break free to touch the sky

I will not be just another soul

Burning bright in life's own coal

Eternity shall define the spirit deep

I shall smile always and refuse to sleep.