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Amit Gupta


I have Bachelor's degree in Dietetics with a minor in Chemistry. I have also Master's degree in Nutrition with a minor in counseling and guidance. I am also closely associated with the American Dietetic Association. I did not do an internship, but completed practical experience during graduate school instead. I worked one year as a student dietitian at the University between my bachelor's and master's degrees. Apart from this I also have good command over “yoga”. I began working in the health field in 1995, first in health policy positions and later as a medical writer. I am experienced in writing about all areas of medicine with a solid background in outcomes research and debates about clinical practice guidelines. I am particularly proud of writing and editing newsletter. A couple of topics on which I have worked and published recently are: tips on weight loss, causes of autism, how to cure obesity, a comprehensive book on exercise & fitness, yoga for weight loss, eat to win, calorie intake recommended, diabetes diet, benefits of flax seed oil, health benefits of apple cider vinegar etc. visit website