Amit Hablani

Karachi, Pakistan

Al right, so someone there is interested in reading about me!! Here I go: It's believed that some things don't make sense and I'm one of those things and you may refer to me as such. I may never prove to be good enough for everyone But I am Best for them Who Deserve Me My Attitude is always based on how you treat me. If you treat me good you will treated best and if you even think of treating me bad, I shall already be worst! I'm One-OFF Defective piece.. I never get things seriously, even if I do, it doesn't exist for so long! I don't have mind to mind mindless talks, and I SKIP that! Information under this section is "As on" basis, whether you love it or not. Copying any of the statement from here can be legally privileged.

  • Work
    • KPMG
  • Education
    • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan