Amith Kulkarni

Hello everyone, This is Amith Kulkarni here, Currently I'm working for Microexcel Inc. as a Marketing Manager. I did my MBA in Marketing & HR. I have more than 6+ years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Sales, Campaign Management, Business Development, Branding etc.

I have a proficiency in below areas:

Branding and Identity, Exposure to IB, Cross Selling, Consistency in generating leads across the verticals, Preparing the RFP's,Bonding & Rapport Dev,Up-front Contract Presentation,Analysing the Pain Areas, Budget/Costing, helping Client in Decision Fulfillment , And also Looking into Post-sell activites involved, Campaign Management, Marketing Strategy design, Webcast management, CRM updation, Customer Credential Management

How Can I Help you?

I have a very good network of freelancers in Web development such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, PHP etc. I can help you in providing best of industry leading resources from Open source world. I help lot of clients using these freelancers in cost effective manner.