Amit Jagdeo

Trinidad and Tobago

About: Me

Well I consider myself an outgoing person if you get to know me. On the outer shell of my person you might see or interpret a person who is not all that good with people and socializing but this is mainly because of my shyness. As the time progresses and one gets to know me, I become more and more out of the shell and if I am very comfortable with people around me then most likely I would be a much better guest/person to hang around with. I will surely move from quiet and boring to loud and fun (depending on the person (s) with me at the moment

I love to hang around people with the good “vybz” and be able to share some kicks stories, serious stories, advice and be reliable to the good people that I tend to surround myself with. This reminds me of the cliché quote of “Do onto others as others would do onto you”. This is a fact and way of life that many people are forgetting whether it is by choice or just plainly “FORGET”. Another main fact about me, if I don’t like you, I am sorry but I don’t like you at all. This is not because of spite but of your ways a very good friend told me NEVER TO HATE PEOPLE BUT TO HATE THEIR WAYS. From that day I started to see what she meant. In the general sense I am just a nice person to know but don’t cross me because I have a tolerance level from 1-10 (10 being worst)… “HONEST: 6”. But all my friends who know me I am sure if they had to sum me up in 1 word in Trinidad TT would be, Kicks :D


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    • IDCS & IADCS in Computer Studies