Amit Jain

Amit has done his Btech undergraduate course(2005-09) at Dhiru Bhai Ambani Institute of Inforamtion & Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Majoring in ICT.

Currently working with as Product Associate.

Also has a work exp of 8 months at metanest tech. pvt. ltd www.metanest.comas a Associate Software Developer.

As a software developer, has worked on a product development team, analyzing new product concepts, drafting engineering sketches, creating real-world models, and handling quality assurance issues.

For the last few years amit has designed the interface and architecture of the websites. All his work experience has brought him to a stage where he can work with multiple tools and technologies.(Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, MVC, XML, MYSQL, Jquery, Photoshop and Flash)

While studying , He also interned at TCS(gandhinagar), where he gained valuable skills to work as professional.