Amit Kumar Singh

Hi! My name is Amit Kumar Singh and I have been developing web sites since 2007 when I started a little journal site via my web development and designing job. Since then things have gotten a little better ;-)

My personal focus is on server side programming, UI/web design, and standards based web site develop & design.

The primary technologies I use are HTML,HTML5 JS, Jquery, CSS, ASP, PHP and MySQL, but programming is more about understanding the logic of process than the specific language you create it with. I utilize and advocate web standards like CSS and XHTML as much as possible because I believe that they are dramatically changing the Internet. Not to mention they make my life, and the clients life, easier and less expensive. These are just a few of my ideals I try to keep in mind when working. I also have a keen interest in F/OSS projects such as WordPress which I used to develop plugins for.