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Amit Kumar

Software Engineer, Musician, and Entrepreneur in New Delhi, India

I'm an easy going person that works well with everyone.I enjoy being around different types of people and i like to always challenge myself to improve at everything i do.

Professionally ,I’m a Software Engineer . I spend my whole day, practically every day, experimenting with Php, CSS, and jQuery; and inhaling a wide variety of potentially useless information through a few hundred RSS feeds. I build websites that delight and inform. I do it well.

I’m curious, and I enjoy work that challenges me to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. I do my best to stay on top of changes in the state of the art so that I can meet challenges with tools well suited to the job at hand.

In my spare time I like to singing , writing song , watching movies.

  • Work
    • Web Developer
  • Education
    • B.Tech Information Technology