Amit Kumar Mishra

Never thought of a life full of compulsions, hatred, betrayal, ignorance, envy and anger which I have to live for years! Negative emotions always reflect a half-baked personality and completeness is my quest for peace. I know change is evident and always comes with a tinge of surprise. So I expected something different was going to happen, but did not know how, when and where. Then she came, touched and made me feel that I’m not what, I’m. She explored the Man within me, made me believe in myself and guided me through my life. She painted my life with so much love and passion that I could feel the sense and value within. And Shreya is the reality of our quest for finding love, emotion & intellect. We feel complete when we see her smiling, like a sculpturist feels standing before his/her sculpture...but the quest doesn’t stop here…it goes on in an unending endeavour to discover the TRUTH!