Amit Majumder

Dhaka, Bangladesh

what the basic purpose of this life--finding the answer (almost hv found the answer) I am eccentric, extroverted guy with a clear vision and life philosophy. I like my friends very much. While walking with me in life you will find me a bit stubborn, straight forward and of course honest. You will find me a lot of sacrificing, but i simply cant do anything to show off in order to please you. I abide by the rules of my imaginations, always follow and do what my heart feels. I dont envy anything particular.The negative part of my character is, i often overlook important stuff in front of me, which gives a feeling of sheer aristocracy and surely i suffer for that later. I strictly maintain relationships (all sorts) and ensure you wont get hurt by me by any means. Facts About me: > Love a lot of tea > Love doing design at night > Love to stay awake at night > Love to walk through the rain > Constantly thinking about life, death, illogical social customs and civilizations > Work-a-holic > Horror-a-holic, Thriller, Psycho -a -holic in case of watching movies > Book-a-holic, Pure philosophy and literature lover > Allergic to weeding ceremonies, avoid parties..... > Tired on cell phones > Allergic on fast foods except Chicken Fry :) > A moderate to chain smoker > Loves to get intoxicated occasionally > Love studying human psychology

  • Work
  • Education
    • paharika high school
    • Notre Dame College, Dhaka
    • Web engineering
    • Distance Learning