Jaya Navindgi


Born in a small town in western India with a gift of creativity and vision of a real beauty, Jaya has devoted her heart to art that washes the dust of daily life off our souls.

Currently based in Grangemouth, she is a dedicated artist experimenting with various forms, media and styles. Her oil, glass and ceramic paintings, murals, pottery and miniatures are inimitable and original.

In recent years Jaya has been specialising in 3D clay craft to create a new dimension and put life into the work.

Above all her talents, Jaya has a unique and rare gift of making variety of flowers which look so real and exuberant with colours giving a beautiful finishing touch to any interior.

She uses air drying clay for the 3D paintings as well as prepares her own clay for all her flowers. The different types of clay she prepares and uses are Cold Porcelain, Lamhasa, and Bread Clay.

Should you wish to have a unique bouquet of clay flowers flourishing all year round or a particular made-to-order painting, or take a master class or a lesson, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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