Amit S. Bajaj

Kuala Lumpur

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius I'm a 28 year old British-Indian Mobile Security Consultant, iOS Developer and the Co-Founder of the Envylope App. Having no prior experience with development, it was a long journey to learn to buld apps through various online courses. Following this and with finding a gap in the market, I began work on Envylope with my wife as part of our first app in a series of upcoming market leading applications. I worked on the development aspect and the app continues to updated with new technologies. The app was approved by Apple the very first time and available since the end of December 2013. At the same time as being a developer of my own application, I'm currently working for a company that specialises in a secure container, providing corporate environmets the ability to allow their users to bring in their own preferred devices to access corporate information (emails, intranets and files), securely and efficiently. I am the sole pre-sales consultant/technical specialist in UK looking after UK, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Turkey, South America and USA. My career, interests and goals all point in the same direction; my love for applications and technology. You can find out more information about Envylope on our website. My personal blog can be found here and you can contact me on App.Net and Twitter.