Amiet singh

Amiet singh

I incarnated into this reality on the 12th day of OCT in the year of 1971, the sign of LIBRA (BALANCED---so i am trying my life to balanced-which were never balanced).

This may be why I have been  knocked down many times in life but I keep getting up again and balanced life (thank goodness).

I was born in PATNA,bihar which produce ASHOKA.GURU GOBIND SINGH and many other REFORMERS ,KINGS.

The Early Years

Born into a middle class family,

Learn teach duplicate MLM to 10000 + people across india and around the world.

Now expanding Own Internet business around the world . Also Chairman of Amiet Marketing & Samridhi marketing and event Pvt Ltd

In search of TRUE PURPOSE of life.

Understanding MEANING of life.

Multitasking ability trying to CONCENTRATE in current project how to help others.

Visited Russia,Ukraine,Romania,Nepal,Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia,Singapore
Plan to TRAVEL around the world.

Hypnotic Future plan Consultant.Also my stubbornness and pride made me into the entrepreneur that I am today, ie; I do not make a good employee (I dont take orders well).

Later Years

Thanks to my "success" mentors such as Father,Brother,many friends,Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Jeffery Combs,joi vitale,Dr Ashutosh Rastogi and many others, my mindset towards what I could accomplish was transformed. Also I was encouraged by the love of a woman every time i failed i had done , made, failed 25+ businesses and mlm in india and out of india After several years working 50-60 hour weeks making little profit and totally stressed I looked for a better way.
and turned to internet
That is when I discovered internetwork marketing. That was in aug 2012 and I havent looked back since. I still own the many other business as of today but I have other people run it. Now after struggling in the home based MLM industry for several year getting frustrated as heck I found a mentor to teach me the errors of my ways. It is this education I would like to pass on to you. This is an industry which keeps on evolving so I want to help you get to the top and stay at the top for many years to come. I hope to give value to the readers of my professional marketing blog.

peace be with you.


Hug with love