amit tiwari

A simple man. a father of she who is named maya and husband of the jessica breed. when not with them, I pass my time by investing millions of others' hard earned money in things that will hopefully change the world for the better. often, I spend time away from everything and lose myself in still images. I like to capture those in my mind, whenever possible. unfortunately, my mind is limited in space, which is when my trusty camera comes in handy.

this is a snapshot of my journey:

born in a small town in northern india, I left the hospital with a birth certificate that indicated that was my name was 'boy'. at the age of two, we moved to brave the world of africa, which was frightening. at the mature age of six, I ended up in a boarding school, which weakened me. before seven, I ran away from said boarding school, which strengthened me. at eight, fate took us to a happy place in the caribbean, which softened me.

later, after enduring four years in new orleans and a year new york, I knew neither was for me. I am now a san franciscan. I am happy.