Amit Udata

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hi! I'm Amit Udata, a final year student of Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT), Mumbai and a to-be management graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Born and brought up in a Telugu-speaking family in Solapur, I'm a Maharashtrian at heart! I live in a nucleated family. My Dad's a banker, Mom a teacher yet a perfect homemaker and a younger brother who is studying science at junior college.

Much as you would expect of an introverted fellow, I am quite economical with words and love to plunge deep into a book or novel I'm reading. If there's one thing I can never stop speaking about, it is Indian Politics. It all seems very much like a game of chess with interesting moves! I also love reading on world politics and foreign policy. So, naturally Gurcharan Das, Thomas Friedman, Strobe Talbott are the most common names in my library! During my junior college days, I developed a penchant for writing - mostly on social issues, politics and india's foreign policy. Not quite active on social media like FB and twitter, I spend most of the time watching news debates and documentaries. Have been an avid quizzer and bagged the 2nd prize in International Ozone Day Quiz.

Though I don't have an outstanding and long list of achievements, two that have been my happiest moments were when I stood first in the Class-12 Board exams and four years later when I was offered admission to IIM-A!

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