Alex Mizenko

Astoria, New York

I'm a recent MPH graduate Columbia University studying Epidemiology with a certificate in Health Policy and Practice. I've done research on injuries and health outcomes and am very passionate about it. I graduated from George Washington University, my dream school in my dream city, in May 2013 with a B.S. in Public Health and a minor in Political Science. I've spent most of my life in suburbia (proud Jersey Shore local), but was fortunate to live in two big cities (DC, NYC) for five years! In my spare time, I like exploring everything my new city has to offer, lifting/running/biking, learning new things, fishing, watching the Mets (and all baseball really), hockey (Let's go Devils!), and soccer (Let's go Red Bulls!). I'm also insanely into politics; I often go to before Facebook on a given day. The 1st item on my bucket list is to see a game in every MLB ballpark. It will happen.

Tweets are my own, RT ≠ endorsement, etc.

  • Education
    • Columbia University, George Washington University